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At Unity Buildmart, we design energy efficient homes that light up the lives of those who live-in it.

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Eight Reasons To Choose ‘US’

Constructing a home is an unstructured and complicated process involving multiple teams of constructors, consultants, labour, approval authorities, taxation authorities, neighbours etc.


Our in-house team Is a professional and one-stop solution to make your home building journey a smooth and memorable one.


Professional with a combined experience of more than 20 years in the field of designing and home building partner with you to construct your dream home.

The home building journey is a roller coaster ride from owners trying to arrive at decisions for hundreds of aspects that go into making the home they fancy.

Communication with your developer is key during this long process.


We understand the importance of these long
conversation at the outset to understand your requirements, incorporate them, offer advice and also suggest what’s recommended by experts in the industry for each aspect.

  • Senior citizen friendly home or customized space for the children?
  • A red brick facade or a house you have loved in the movies?
  • Extra Storage space or lavish common areas?
  • A terrace to retreat in piece or a bachelorpad for rocking parties?

Your needs are unique! We take great care to personalise our designs
as per your unique requests.

Our teams’ expertise lies in designing homes that maximize light and ventilation, require lower maintenance and flow seamlessly with a specious feel.

Combined with your specific needs, we will design a home perfectly suited for your family.

We aim to make your life hassle-free. 

ONE Designated Relationship Manager will be a single point of contact for all your needs.

From choosing Floorings to customizing your room.

From progress updates to choosing of wardrobes. All you need to do is go to Relationship Manager assigned to you.

When it comes to your new home, ambiguity about how things are proceeding and uncertainty about the next steps are frustrating concerns.

Our goal is to eliminate these anxieties.

With us, you’ll always have clarity on schedules and decision points.

The Relationship Manager will be with you on every visit to assist you with every query.

Uncertainty around when your new home will be ready makes it difficult to plan your life. You have
probably budgeted for the next few months accordingly, or planned time-sensitive events around the expected delivery date.

Timely delivery is a commitment we make to you in the agreement.

All valued purchases now-a-days come with a warranty.
We believe a new home, your most valued asset, should come with this warranty as well.

At Unity Buildmart, we are taking a revoluntionary step to change that. We issue specific warranties against your most dreaded fears.

Seepage cracks in the structure, crack in plaster etc.

We also commit to rectifying, at our own cost, any quality issue due to the workmanship that you face within a one-year period from the date of handover.

What does Premium Specification Planinclude?

Specifications for the Construction material, fittings & fixtures etc. to be provided and installed by the Sixth party on the building to be constructed and developed at the residential plot bearing No. 12, on Road 12 in Class-B, measuring 1048.7 Sq. Yards Punjabi Bagh East, New Delhi- 110026.


1) Ample Structural/ Civil as well as interior designing proposals to be provided to make choices and finalize design.

2) Structural design will be earthquake resistant as per city requirement (Zone IV) which would be designed after the soil testing of the land underneath the said property, inspected and passed by a structural Engineer/Architect.

3) Parking level to be sufficiently higher than the level of the service lane to stop rain water inflow. (Basement Ground Level/ 0 Level)

4) All RCC Work to be richer than 1:1:5:3 (1 Cement: 1 S Stone Dust: 3 Stone Aggregate).

5) RCC Frame Structure, Plinth Beam, all load bearing columns, shear wall shall be adequately designed as per the drawings of the structure plan.

6) The mixing of cement aggregate and badarpur will be done with Concrete Mixers/ Mixing Machines.

7) Vibrators would be used consolidate the concrete layer properly in Footings, Columns, Beams, Roof Slab etc., It would be ensured that adequate pouring of concrete laid or cast is done.

1) Class-A Bricks or Cement Bricks (wherever necessary) will be used with cement mortar.

2) Cement Mortar of 9″ brick work shall not be leaner tan 1:5 and for 4″ Brick work shall not be learner than 1:4.

3) Entire periphery of the building up to the top floor to be done with 4.5” Brick Work if required then only stilt parking 9″.



The proper & adequate watering shall be done to ensure proper curing for best strength to the building.

Heavy Duty ISI Mark TMS” Steel [Kamdhenu (first choice)/ Tata] shall be used as per Structural Engineer/Architect’s Design. Branded cement Grade 53/43 (Ultra tech, ACC, JSW), good quality Stone Dust and other Aggregates shall be used.




The Slater Proofing Treatment shall he done in a specialized manner to avoid any kind of dampness leakage and seepage of water from all bathrooms, kitchen, roof and basement of
the entire building.

The termite treatment shall be done in a proper specialized manner during all building including at ground level around plinth beam & wooden work (almirah’s, chowkhats, and kitchen etc.).



1) The elevation/facade of the building will be done with slim (Laminam) @ Rs 100/- tiles, Italian marble/ travestine, wood etc Material (Panels HPL @ Rs 350/- sq. Ft.), tiles and texture paint, plus any combination of at latest material available in exclusive unique design (only front façade of the building is considered as the front elevation).

2) UPVC with jaali and toughened glass to be used in all the exterior doors for balconies and windows of the entire building. Framing of granite marble to be used for installation of UPVC.

1) Flooring of the basement to be of high-quality tiles of basic price of Rs 100/ sq. ft. excluding GST, wastage, Installation, Labour charges, polishing etc. shall be borne by the builder.

2) Height of basement to be of 10 feet.

3) False ceiling shall be done in the complete basement and walls should be done with POP finishing.

4) Basic Electrical fittings i.e., lights, switches and power point shall be provided.

5) Adequate water proofing to be done for the entire basement to ensure no leakage of water from anywhere.


> Elevation Treatment

1) Flooring in all bedrooms, drawing cum dining, kitchen, lobby and passage shall be done with Italian Marble (Burberry beige/ Armani Beige/ Cecilia/ Perlato Royal etc) of the basic price of Rs 300/ sq. ft. excluding GST, wastage, installation, labour charges, polishing etc.

2) Flooring in balconies shall be done with Granite Marble of the basic price Rs.100/- per sq. Ft. excluding GST, wastage, Installation, Labour charges, polishing etc.

3) Flooring in Bathrooms shall be with tile of basic price Rs 100/-per sq. feet. excluding GST, wastage, Installation, Labour charges, polishing etc.

4) Flooring in complete stilt/parking area shall be with granite at basic price of Rs 100/- sq. ft. excluding GST, wastage, Installation, Labour charges, polishing etc.

5) Tiles shall be used in entire staircase up to 7-8 feet height with exclusive design of basic price Rs.80/- per sq. Ft. excluding GST, wastage, Installation, Labour charges, polishing etc.

6) Granite/Italian Marble or equivalent stone shall be used for kitchen slab of the basic price of Rs 350/- Sq. Ft. excluding GST, wastage, Installation, Labour charges, polishing etc.

7) Krazi to be used at Terrace level after heat proofing with foam concrete or better equivalent. Granite or tiles on the roof to have 4mm spacer to be filled with epoxy grout. Basic Price is Rs 100/-sq. ft. excluding GST, wastage, Installation, Labour charges,
polishing etc.

8) Granite, Italian Marble, Composite or equivalent stone slabs shall be used in bathrooms basin counters Rs.600/- per sq. Ft.

9) Kitchen floor shall be of Italian Marble, of Rs 300/- per sq. Ft.

10) All the Marbles shall be polished to granolithic finish(Diamond Polish) to ensure best results.


> Flooring in Bathrooms

> Flooring in External Spaces

> For staircase, we will use stone (Granite or Kota).

> For stilt, we will use combination of granite, Kota stone and heavy-duty tiles as per architect's vision. Two indicative looks are:


1) The good quality teak wood/ivory coast or equivalent shall be used which shall be chemically treated and well-seasoned for the chowkhats of the internal doors in all rooms, bathrooms

2) The height of doors shall be 8 feet, Flush door to be used. Minimum Rs 100 /sq. ft base with the Veneer (minimum Rs 80/- Sq. Ft) over it.

3) Ample windows shall be provided in all rooms/bathrooms/kitchen/drawing room and other relevant places to ensure sufficient sunlight and ventilation inside the flats. All external doors (for balcony) and windows of entire building to be of UPVC (600/- sq. Ft.). Framing of granite marble to be used for installation of UPVC. UPVC windows to have jali and toughened glass.

4) The Chowkhats of doors with Ivory coast teakwood of size 6×2.5 inches.

5) The Almirah’s in all bedrooms to the height of roof shall be exclusively designed with American Veneer sheets of good quality. The inside shall be of good quality Mica sheet to ensure long lasting finish. The board and ply of 18mm is of cost Rs 70/-per sq. Ft. Mica inside cost Rs.500/- per sheet. Outer veneer of Rs 3000/- sheet and only Hettich brand fittings will be used. Total Almirah’s on each flat will be 200 sq. feet (including all bedrooms). 19 mm boards for all Almirahs doors.

6) Designer LCD wooden panels for TV of good quality with designer cabinets shall be provided in all rooms and lobby, each having size of 6’X4’.

7) Heavy moulding shall be provided to all chowkhats 3” to 4”.

> Wooden Work

> Internal Finishing – Doors & Windows

> Wooden Work


1) All Almirah’s and Kitchen hardware shall be provided with Hettichbrand fittings.

2) All Doors shall be provided with good quality SS fittings/ hardware (5 Hinges per door of godrej/jolly brand or equivalent) with Tower bolts (Standard size 24/18, inches).

3) All Door locks shall be 8 level (Hardwynn Door set or Superior) of not less than Rs.2500/- each.

4) Good Quality handles of SS/Brass to be provided to suit interior

1) All walls inside the flat/floors & Staircase shall be done with complete POP Material of best quality.

2) All Rooms including bedrooms, lobby, drawing, kitchen, bathroom/store/mandir shall be provided with Designer & elegant false ceiling with a combination of wood work, wooden panels for exclusive design.

3) False ceiling with POP in complete stilt parking.

4) The walls and ceiling shall be finished with high quality plastic paint (Asian, DULUX). On roof /walls Velvet touch by ICI or royal by Asian paints to be used.

5) Melamine Polish on wood surfaces on Almirahs, Internal
doors/Chowkhats (Asian, Sirca).

6) Inside bathrooms paint/Polish to be water proof of best quality (Duco, ICI)



1) A complete range of bathroom fittings of supreme quality shall be provided (Grohe, Kohler brands) minimum Rs.40,000/- for each bathroom.

2) The bathroom walls shall be done with imported tiles/ Italian Marble of basic price of Rs 100/- Sq. Ft. excluding GST, wastage, Installation, Labour charges, polishing etc.

3) (Bathroom tiles to be fixed with adhesive not cement.)

*4) Wash Basin, WC of brand Aquavit/Duravit/Vitra/Jacquar of not less than Rs.25,000/-

5) Concealed flush tank with push bottom system shall be
provided in each bathroom (Grohe/Jacquar)

6) Vanity (storage space) to be provided in each bathroom below the wash basin/appropriate location.

7) Toughened Glass Partition enclosures (6 to 8 mm) in bathing area of all the Bathrooms.

Pipes with finest quality (SFMS, CPVC) shall be used for all sanitary/water supply (Brand – Astral/Supreme) in the bathrooms/kitchen/Overhead Tanks etc. Pipes for rain water and other drainage system shall be of finest quality (Astral/Supreme) 6 Kg pressure as per design. All fittings to have ISI mark.



1) Two submersible pumps/boring shall be provided and installed in the stilt, one for the common usage of all the flats in the front portion and the other for the common usage of all the flats in rear portion along with supply provision in all the overhead water tanks and separate supply provision in the stilt/parking. Three layer coated separate overhead water tanks of 2000 litres (Sintex) to be provided to each of the total eight flats.

2) Separate DJB water connection with separate motor booster pumps (Usha, Crompton – 1 HP) shall be provided and installed for each of the total eight flats.

3) Separate overflow indicator shall be provided for each flat for fresh water.

4) Fully automatic start stop arrangement to be provided for submersible pump with bye pass to stop Use.

1) The kitchen to be installed with all stainless-steel accessories of Hettich brand with double bowl US sink of Jayna brand.

2) The modular kitchen shall be provided and installed having cost of Rs.5.5 lakhs approx. including all accessories of woodwork and hardware in each of the total eight flats.

3) The tiles to be used for kitchen walls would be of Basic Price of Rs 100/- sq. ft. excluding GST, wastage, Installation, Labour
charges, polishing etc.

4) Granite/Italian Marble or equivalent stone shall be used for kitchen slab of not less than Rs 350/- Sq. Ft. excluding GST, wastage, Installation, Labour charges, polishing etc.



1) High quality tempered Glass shall be provided to all windows as per requirement, 6 to 8 mm.

2) Looking Mirrors shall be provided to all bathrooms (Saint

3) The Glass colour to be as per choice.

304 grade steel to be used as per design and requirement of railings along with 12 mm toughened glass.



1) Separate electric meter/connection of three phase (11 KW) *shall be provided to each of the total eight flats and two separate electric meter/connection (11 KW Each) shall be provided for stilt/ common areas /lifts for front and rear portion.

2) Proper earthing to be provided with separate earthing for both the lifts. Earth pits to be provided for charging & when required.

3) The conductors and concealed electricity wiring will be of copper & FRLS quality of ISI Mark, Finolex/Havells/Polycab make of adequate gauge for light and power points.

4) Split AC wiring & piping (Properly insulated) provision shall be provided to all rooms, lobby & drawing room area. 4 core Wiring for AC to be installed of Finolex/Polycab brand. Drain pipe of the
AC should be of CPVC make.

5) TV (multiple numbers) (RG6 & CATSS) cabling in all rooms to be provided.

6) Fancy Lights, concealed down LED lights of high quality of brand Philips/Havells shall be provided and installed within the ceilings in all rooms, kitchen, bathroom, drawing dining room and passage to make them well lit. Total amount of Rs.40,000/- to be spent on lights in each of the eight flats.

7) Electric fittings (switches & sockets) of appropriate wattage to be of high quality of brands like Noriysis, Schnider and Havells.

8) Bathrooms to be provided with ventilation/exhaust fans.

9) All distribution panels, switch gear, main switches, MCBs shall be to have ISI mark, make L&T/ Havells/Schneider from 6 to 33 Amps.

10) Video Door phones shall be provided to each of total eight flatsof brands like Panasonic, Samsung, Alba.

11) Security Locks connecting each dwelling unit to main gate also be provided for each dwelling unit.

12) Parking area to be provided with adequate Lighting, switches & sockets of proper amperage of high quality.

13) Fans (range up to 2500/-) to be provided in all rooms, balconies, washing areas, kitchen and drawing room. 25 litre geysers (AO Smith, Havells, Racold) to be provide in all bathrooms & 6 litre
instant geyser for kitchen of same brand.

14) Each flat to have a provision for inverter. The wirings of relevant electrical points such as lights, fans and TV shall be provided through the inverter.

2 Lifts with eight passenger capacity (one for front portion/block and one for rear portion/block) shall be provided and installed with ARD, MRL only of Schindler brand (Touch panel model). Full SS Lifts to be used. Both the lifts shall be installed for usage from basement to the terrace (i.e., seven stops)



1) 7All SS to minimum 304 Grade.

2) The main gates shall be designer strong heavy-duty SS 304 and hard wood, columns to be fixed with granite, Italian marble matching the front façade of the building @ Rs.300/- per sq. Ft.

3) Decorative water-resistant lamps of good quality shall be provided and area to be adequately light.

4) The railing of stair case shall be strong and heavy-duty SS 304 with toughened Glass (8 to 10mm).

5) Designer SS 304 railing with thick toughened Glass (8 to 10 mm) or as per choice will be provided to all balconies on each flat.

1) Two bathroom and toilet for common usage to be provided on the Stilt/Parking.

2) All boundary walls to be fitted with tiles/Marble of basic price Rs 100/- Sq. Ft. excluding GST, wastage, Installation, Labour charges, polishing etc.

3) False ceiling with POP in complete stilt parking.

4) Flooring of stilt to be of granite marble of basic amounts of Rs 110/- sq. ft. excluding GST, wastage, Installation, Labour charges, polishing etc.

5) Complete iron railing and jaal shall be installed on the rear side boundary wall adjoining the service lane up to the height of third floor.



1) Two toilets to be built on the terrace (one for front and one for rear portion).

2) Proper Water proofing and heat insulation to be done on the terrace of the whole building.

3) Tiles/Marble flooring to be done on the complete terrace of the building of basic price Rs.85 per sq. ft excluding GST, wastage, Installation, Labour charges, polishing etc.

4) Granite or tiles on the roof to have 4mm spacer to be filled with epoxy grout.